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Best Freelancing Websites

Money is the most important requisite that we need in our daily life to feed ourselves and family members and to fulfill our plan about our lives. But in this expensive time, we cannot fulfill our needs from a single job. So people have some skills can use freelancing that will be helpful for them to achieve their goals toward life.

Freelancing is a way to search additional way to earn extra money by using your skills. A no of freelancing websites are available to help freelancers. These websites help people in many ways, even they offer some tools that are helpful in building a good portfolio.

Here we have a list of Best Freelancing websites for you!


TOPTAL is specifically for professional people. If you are enough talented to pass the screening process of TOPTAL you will get access to a lot of excellent projects and good clients. You will also get the opportunity to of attending meet ups and technical events arranged by TOPTAL community. Another major advantage of this site is that here you will get fair compensation and no low bid contests. Are you know that TOPTAL accepts only 3% of applicants after test and interview, but after selection it proves the best site to make its pool of talent highly valuable!


PEOPLE PER HOUR is the freelancing site like upwork that is seasoned for web designers, web developers, SEO Specialists and also for software engineers. People per hour aimed to simplify freelancing by organizing communication and payments as well as job arrangements. There is an opportunity for free lancers to send 15 proposals to client at no cost. After crossing this limit cost will be applied to the proposals. Hence no cost is applied on notification of new job openings notifications.  So freelancers can get notifications of new jobs and can search for jobs at no cost. But for paid plan you have to sign up. If you are talented at web related projects it will be worth able to you!


UPWORK is a platform specifically designed for students that are studying and need some money to continue their study. So it provide some ways to those students who want to earn some extra cash. Fresh graduates can find part time jobs in their field of interest and skills. Many types of jobs and clients are available. So students should not get a fair of having no job, so if you have skills on some good work don’t waste your time and adopt freelancing.


FREELANCER is offering a million of projects to its users. You have a chance to compete with other freelancers and can prove your skills.  So if you are talented then showcase your abilities here and get more clients!


SIMPLY HIRED is providing projects to freelancers almost of any field. It can be ideal for anyone who want to do some extra work! You can get work from different 24 countries and in 12 different languages. Even if you are a sales person, a client exist there for you.

Hope that you would find this list of Best Freelancing Websites helpful!

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