There would be no guy who is not concerned about wrestling. It is indeed one of the most addictive entertainment which people especially boys love to watch. However, wrestling is not confined to age or gender. Almost everyone watch it for fun and wait eagerly for WrestleMania. Besides watching wrestling, no parent would allow their kids to practice it at home but you can still have a match with best wrestling games to play in 2018.

With the innovation in technology, Android has offered its users with tons of amazing and best wrestling games to play in 208. These games are super cool and offer high-quality content to all smartphone users.

We will unveil best wrestling games to play in 2018 which contains remarkable graphics and 3D features.

Best wrestling games for Android

  1. WWE 2K

It is one of the authentic and popular android game. The game is packed with action and raw emotion graphics for fierce wrestling. You can enjoy multiple wrestling modes in the game.

Get the download link here.

  1. Real wrestling 3D

It is one of the first 3D wrestling game that is introduced on Android platform. The game offers intuitive touch, 3D graphics, and best controls. So, combat in style with authentic actions.

Download the game by clicking here.

  1. TNA wrestling impact

If you want to enjoy superb graphics this heroic game is surely a stunner for Android phones. Try out combo techniques with your favorite wrestler character.

Click here to download the game.

  1. WWE wrestling

The ultimate stimulating wrestling game offers its players fun play. So it is the right time to test your skills because the game is actually meant for you.

Click here to play the game.

  1. WWE Supercard

It is an intense game merely designed for Android phone users. The game is embedded with sound quality, best graphics, and real-time battle. Just get the legacy to be on top.

Download the game by clicking here.

  1. EA Sports UFC

The most prominent wrestling game features leaderboards, live events with fairly solid characters. As the player level up, different characters will be unlocked.

Downloading link is mentioned here.

  1. MMA fighting clash

The new classic and generic style wrestling game feature more than 60 characters with customized moves.

Click here to download the game.

Best PC wrestling games

  1. WWE 2K18

It is the best wrestling game ever designed for PC users. It is fun to play with amazing graphics and seamless controls.

Click here to download.

  1. Wrestling spirit

Wrestling spirit offers the top-notch playing to die-hard wrestling lovers.  Different muscle-bound freak is able to bash people by following combo techniques.

  1. Total extreme wrestling 2004

It is definitely one of the successful wrestling PC game embedded with a new interface and complex mechanics. However, this game is not designed for newbies.

  1. WWE RAW 2002

It is titled as the ever-green wrestling game and you will surely fall in love with it. The graphics, features, and gameplay are very attractive.

  1. WCW Nitro

If you want to enjoy serious wrestling game in the house, then this is it.

Best wrestling games for PS3

Following is the list of best wrestling games to play in 2018 on PS.

  • UFC Undisputed 3
  • WWE Smackdown raw 2007
  • WWE`12
  • WWE Legends of WrestleMania
  • WWE all stars
  • Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del Ring


You will surely end up finding tons of best wrestling games to play in 2018 but we have gathered some of the ultimate choices for you. All of the games mentioned above contains superb sound and stunning graphics. So, enjoy to your fullest.

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