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Boutique hotels, the luxury you deserve

Boutique hotels  are luxurious hotel facilities, generally small in size. If you are looking for a holiday with all the comforts, but at the same time want to visit a destination out of the ordinary, this type of facility is yours. Often these hotels are derived from restored buildings, or from historic buildings such as villas, or even farmhouses. They consist of few rooms and many refined amenities. This way you can travel to little corners of paradise, find out villages and places away from common tourist destinations, without sacrificing luxury.

Among the boutique hotels around the world you can find a selected list of them in Italy as well. Discovering this beautiful country while staying at a facility of this level will enrich your experience. A country like Italy famous for its art, creativity and beauty will be even more appreciated if you are living in furnished rooms with the finest fabrics, sought-after furniture, artwork on the walls. Each room will always be different, will have its character and unmistakable ambience. Opening the window of your room will forget the city chaos, because you will only see green, snow, countryside, beautiful seas, imposing mountains or valleys at a glance. You will be surrounded by gardens and orchards, you can stroll in the greenery and breathe pure air.

Many boutique hotels are oriented towards relaxation and well-being. In fact, they are equipped with beautiful pools and saunas where to dispose of the stress and spend a few hours relaxing. You can have a nice swim to cool off from the summer sun, or simply tune by the pool, or enjoy an aperitif. Also some hotels offer yoga classes, breathing classes, massages and sensory experiences. If you love taking care of yourself, you can continue your habits on vacation, if you do not have time for these things, take advantage of the holiday to discover new disciplines, find yourself and regenerate yourself.

In boutique hotels, you will not only be able to taste many delicious breakfast or dinner recipes prepared in the restaurant, but you can follow cooking lessons, wine tasting, truffles, cakes and other specialty meals not for every day. Among the staff of these hotels you will always meet the owners, who reflect their lifestyle in the facility and infuse their personal point of view to the environment. Here’s where you will be talking about literature, playing an instrument, taking care of an pet. Forget impersonal and aseptic hotels, here you will find places with personality and soul.

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