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Extracting Metal VS Recycling Metals

Recycling has become a worldwide endeavor. In the United States, communities are using recycling as a means of keeping the environment clean and safe, and as a way of giving to charities and other organizations. Street entrepreneurs are finding that recycling aluminum cans is a subtle way of providing for their needs. There are scrap yards and other businesses that recycle all types of metal. Metals are used in many of the everyday products that consumers use on a daily basis. Raw metal is a product of the earth and is extracted by using heavy equipment and disturbing the peacefulness of the earth. When raw metal is extracted, it takes away homes for animals, and it changes the environment. Trees have to be moved, clean, safe waterways are sometimes made unclean for creatures living there, and the entire structure of nature is altered.

Extracted metal does not replenish itself. This means that having ample amounts of raw metals require making environmental changes to many areas in the world. The auto industry is one of the largest consumers of metal in the world. These products are often made of recycled metal, and the result is still good looking safety built autos. Not much consideration is given to the many products that contain, or made from metal. Extracting metal from the soil does present large-scale employment for the companies. People are needed for the extracting of the metal, to help with the processing, the refining, and to transport to the various manufacturers. These jobs are good for the economy, but the damage to the environment should be a greater concern.

Recycling metal is something that all people can engage in, and unlike extracted metal, it does not deplete the earth of any natural resources. There are many advantages to recycling. Every year, the United States alone recycles enough metal to build more than thirty thousand Statues of Liberty. Using scrap aluminum will give consumers a 95% saving on energy, All metals can be recycled. One ton of recycled steel will conserve at least fourteen hundred pounds of coal, which is used in the processing of raw metals. About ninety percent of the aluminum used to make autos is recovered and recycled. When it comes to protecting the earth and it’s resources, using recycled metal products are more environmentally friendly. Recycling saves sea and water life, much of which is used for human consumption.

Extracting metal is not only harmful to the environment, it also causes water, soil, and air pollution. The process of getting to the end product of raw metal consists of using other resources such as wood, fuel, oil, and other metals. Besides being earth-friendly, recycled metal eliminates the need to extract metal because all of the materials needed are available in the scrap metal. Using recycled metal also helps to reduce garbage and waste in the nation’s landfills. Recycled metal is also more cost-effective than extracting the metal. There are not as many jobs associated with recycling metal, but the advantages of recycling outnumber those of extracting metal.

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