Take a look at your household items and furniture placed around you. Are they antique or contemporary
in their design? Now-a- days, most people prefer contemporary designed furniture for their home. Royal
and antique pieces are also in demand, but due to their high price people have started switching over to
comparatively inexpensive contemporary ones. There are a wide range of contemporary design ideas
that you can opt for your home décor.

Which room are you planning on designing or renovating? I have listed down various options for
contemporary design ideas that you can try out. I have categorized the designs based on the rooms of
your house.

  • Bedroom: Your bedroom’s design should always be a soothing and relaxing one; one that tempts
    you to sleep. Go for light blue or green wall paint with a darker version of the tone on the wall just
    behind the bed. You can also try out some prints in the dark wall. Bed side lamps are a must and
    always go for the ones with yellow tinted light. Go for huge mattresses that give a luxurious look to
    your bed. Cover it up with a satin bedsheet and voila! You have got yourself a royal bed! Choose a
    large window just beside the bed so that you can enjoy a good morning view when you get up.
    Imagine yourself, residing in a beautiful beach facing house in Costa Rica and waking up to the
    breathtaking view of the beach…can life get any more blissful than this?
  • Kitchen: Make your kitchen bright and funky, if you are not a cook. At least the ambience of the
    kitchen might tempt you to go in there. Team up bright colors like red, lemon green, blue etc. with
    white while designing the walls, racks and shelves. An open kitchen is a must in any contemporary
    Indian household. Go for colored chimneys with some designs on the outer surface. Add a little twist
    by trying out a new design of the kitchen sink and tap. Create your own kitchen decor ideas by
    googling over or browsing the pages of Pinterest.
  • Living room: One of the best places to implement your décor ideas is the living room. It is the first
    place any visitor comes into; so, it is very important to decorate this place as good as possible. Let’s
    start with the sofa. Recliners and L-shaped sofas with ottomans are among the most popular
    contemporary sofa designs at the moment. Try experimenting with different textured rugs to add
    that exquisite vibe to the living room. A good diwan set or a set of coffee table and a pair of uniquely
    designed chairs can make your living room look way more sophisticated than that of others. Try
    building an inhouse window opening in the living room wall separating two rooms. You can add bold
    pieces of art like brass statues and beautiful metallic vases in there. It will give your house a very
    edgy and modern look.
  • Balcony or terrace: Try adding recliner chairs within the balcony for having a nice evening chat time
    with your friend. If not in the mood of talking, grab a cut of tea or coffee and watch the sunset. Or
    read a book in the winter afternoons to get a bit of the sun. Always go for open spaces or wider grills
    in the balcony so that you can enjoy a good view and there is proper ventilation in the house. Closer
    grills and smaller balcony will make your house look cramped and congested.
  • Dining room: If you are thinking that what else can you change in a dining room apart from the dining table, then guys…you are so wrong. You can give your dining room a makeover by changing and adding various things. Try adding candles with a statement-making candle stand on the dining able for dinner. You can also go for chandeliers right on top of the mid-point of the dining table. Don’t buy a very fancy one; instead go for a less fancy smaller chandelier that adds a bit of energy into the dining hall or room. Your crockery items should also go well with your dining table and yourserving bowls, salt and pepper containers etc. Keep it simple yet elegant so it does not look over thetop.

You can also check out the Decor Tips for Contemporary Indian Homes at Urban Ladder for more ideas. Before adding any kind of furniture to your home, make sure that the design blends well with the rest of the furniture placed in the house. The design and the color of the new furniture should not stand out of the rest in a weird way. Contemporary designs are always more on the sheek and elegant side and less on the heavy art work and royal side. So, choose your furniture very carefully and try not to make it a mix and match between contemporary and classical designs.

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