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Which mattress should you buy? Tuft and Needle or Casper?

Buying a mattress these days is not an easy task, as there are so many options available to choose from. Once you get to know the differences between the most famous brands, selecting the right one would become a lot easier. Tuft and needle on one hand and Casper on the other, both these brands are going head to head in this competitive market. Both share similarities in many aspects, yet both are different from each other in many ways. Here, we would try to educate our viewers on these brands and make it easy for them to select the right option for their comfort.

First we would like to put forward the key similarities they both have in common;

  • Both are foam Mattresses.
  • Almost identical business models.
  • Both offer same firmness level.
  • Decent level of bounce can be felt in both mattresses.
  • Both offer high comfort level to customers seeking for back pain relief.

After knowing their similarities, now we would like to highlight some of the main differences.

  • Tuft and needle is somewhat .5” thicker than Casper.
  • Casper offers a transition layer that pretty much eases the transition from the comfort layers to supportive top layers.
  • Casper’s Queen Size is $200 expensive as compare to Tuft and needles.
  • Caspar comes in memory foams also.

When it comes to the firmness level, research and recent experiences shows that Tuft and needle is a bit firmer than Casper, on the other hand when it comes to the feel and touch, Casper is the winner in softness. It gives relaxed feeling and feels very smooth to the skin. Casper feels a lot softer to the skin and sort of sunk in with the body while Tuft and needle shows firmness to the body touch.

A Queen size Casper will cost you around $950, whereas Tuft and needle can be bought in $750. So for those customers who would prefer a budgeted Mattress, Tuft and needle would be a best option. For customers having no cap on their budget and who opt for luxury and more comfort Casper could well be their ultimate choice. Tuft and needle ought to be the best choice for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers must go for the Casper as it is a lot softer than Tuft and needle and it would not let the sleeper feel any distortion in the sleep when the sleeper switch sides during sleep.

We cannot really say which one is a winner and which one is the runner up. It depends on the customer’s approach towards sleep, budget and comfort level. Casper costs more and surely offers more. The feel and touch of both are different. Casper feels offer and when it comes to firmness, Tuft and needle wins it. Both are top options in the mattress industry these days and the trial policy for both is so customer friendly that one cannot think if a loss in terms of returning it back to the manufacturer. So one can go for giving them a try without any fear in  mind.

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